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I've traveled far to find you, I shall stay now.

Jordan Catalano
9 February

"I know who and what you are Peela."


"Yeah. But I truly believe that's not all you're meant to be."

The Manor is full of clocks because Father was obsessed with time. Time is a palace, he would say, and time is a prison, and time is a river that carries away what you love.
He could stop time, make it jump backwards and forwards like a playful kitten. But I never learned his secrets, though when the war began I wished I had, and when you crawled to me drowning in your own blood I knew I must try. When you awoke later in my bed, I touched your hair. Your green eyes said,
What have you done?

Draco Malfoy drawn by _lile
Draco Drabble by thegraybook


You found me. :)

My name is prettyveela. My friends call my prettyveela, peela, pv, veela, wanky bitch, take your pick! :D

This journal is 40% fandom, 40% real life, and 20% whatever bullshit I feel like typing. I speak two languages: English and Obscenities. I use sexual undertones sometimes, on occasion, a lot. If that's offensive to you then don't friend this journal.

Friending and Commenting

If you're on my flist, please read this, if you haven't already. :)

If you want to comment on a public post I've made and you're not on my flist go right ahead! I've had some great discussions with LJers who happened to stumble across my journal so don't be shy. :)

If you want to friend me go right ahead, but I must warn you that I always have a mild panic attack when someone new friends me. I really don't know what I'm saying that makes you find me...well...interesting.

I don't friend back automatically, sometimes not at all. However! That doesn't mean that I won't ever read your journal and comment because I will. If you take time out to friend me I'll take time out every so often to read your journal and comment.

Speaking of friends, meet a few of em:

The wife
The mistress
The girlfriend
The boyfriend
The wanky one
The smart one
The logical one
The alchemist

"The Silver Trio" drawn by Yamiza


Inter-House Relations make me vomit. Fuck unity.


My fandoms and pairings are as follows:

Harry Potter

Full Metal Alchemist


Likes: Inuyasha/Kagome, Naraku/Inuyasha, Kagome/Sango, Sesshoumaru/Me


Likes: Buffy/Spike, Willow/Kennedy, Willow/Oz, Spike/Angel

Other fandoms I dabble in:
Ghost in a Shell
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Fandom Wank

I'm a Fandom Wanker, why you ask? Cause fandom can be fucking funny that's why. I will never wank my flist, so if you're still worried about me wanking you, posting/telling your locked entries then I suggest you don't friend me or defriend me if you're already on my flist. I'm not going to bust my ass to convince you, the only thing I can do is show and prove right?

Afuredasu namida nara ima wa tomenakute ii
Kanashimi no saigo ni wa hikari ga sashikomu hazu
Isogisugite Kowashite kita mono
Torimodosu no Watashi rashiku aruku tame ni

stay... stay... stay... stay...

"I Will" by Sowelu

  • Why did you name yourself PrettyVeela?

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  • You think R/Hr's and H/Hr's are the only ships feuding? Take a look at HP fandom feuds/Observations Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

  • Who I firmly believe Killed our fandom!

  • After our fandom has finished reading book 7, Where do we go from here?
  • Take a look at the ghost of Harry Potter future.

  • In defense of Fandom Wank! Trust me Fandom Wank is not out to get you.

  • After 6 books, we continue to witness The Punking of Zacharias Smith.

  • Voted Pansy Parkinson on hogwartsishome

    website stat

    My fans

    2004-12-22 07:06
    Mind the logic gap. I'll concede: you are consistent, in the sense that you've been consistently loud and stupid enough to consistently inspire thoughts of "No please, not her again."

    Being a moronic ass will get you noticed, but most people wouldn't want to be known that way.

    prettyveela:*ponders* Huh. Well I've said many times that I'm not the nicest person in the fandom(I said that on page 12 of the anon meme) and I'm one of the more blunt R/Hr's. My lj friends see none of that though, they get nothing but love.
    If I was mean to you, I'm not sorry about it. :>

    ~Maurader Meg on TLC 7/21/05

    The responses for the next two were shamelessly ripped from the Fandom Wank LJ because they were just.that.funny. Props to ahiru for the icon, xero sky, dax 069 and especially prettyveela.
    ~Emerson of Mugglenet.com 8/5/05

    I find you creepily overfamiliar, a poseur who likes to imply that her friendships with certain people are closer than they are, and aggressive in fandom debates, pushing your argument to an inappropriately personal level. You're an obvious social climber, which is too bad because there might be a nice girl under there but no one would ever know it.
    ~Pissed Off Percy Fan 10/1/05

    2005-12-31 05:15 am (local) (link)
    lout is to thewhiteprophet as prettyveela is to wank.
    (Reply to this)(Parent)

    Art by matitablu/Layout by boho
    Aishwarya Rai mood theme by isnani

    , a lovely distraction, a-ha killed fandom, aishwarya rai, aishwarya/peela, american idol, angelina jolie, anti harry/hermione, anti ron/luna, anti-sanjaya, appealing secrets, bartending in the dark, being intimate, bennie "the jet" rodriguez, bill clinton, brain stimulation, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, carnivale, chris chambers, countdown with keith olbermann, cute bellybuttons, damn near famous, dane cook, dead like me, degrassi, delicious eyes, democrat, descendants of darkness, dita von teese, draco malfoy, engage and transcend, enticing hugs, fandom wank, fanwank, freddie."voice from god".mercury, friday night lights, friendship, from the left, fullmetal alchemist, galaxy railways, ghost in a shell, giving amour, gone with the wind, good omens, grey's anatomy, gryffindor, h/hr sucks, harry potter, hufflepuff, humble kisses, inuyasha, inxs, j.r.r. tolkien, jack sparrow, james carville, jesse mccartney, jk rowling, johnny depp, jordan catalano, kill bill, l'arc~en~ciel, late night phone calls, league of extraordinary gentlemen, led zeppelin, liberal, ljfriends rock omg, lord of the rings, loving/you, loyalty, lucius malfoy, lump hump week, lust/envy, mean girls, meet virginia, mellifluous voices, mischievous interaction, music, my happy soul supply, natural pizzazz, naughty bomb, numb3rs, oklahoma!, orlando bloom, pansy parkinson, paper moon, paranoia agent, peculiar voices, pink roos, pirates of the carribean, politics, president barack obama, prettyveela, primo sex appeal, queen, ravenclaw, river phoenix, ron weasley, ron/hermione, roped and ready, s. fawcett, scarlett o'hara, seduction trickery, she....is, shel silverstein, shhhhhhhhh, sins undone, slytherin, smoke and mirrors, snape, soul chicken, south of nowhere, star wars, sweet valley high, sylvia plath, t.s. elliot, the breakfast club, the joy of laughing, the romantic one, the strong one, to kill a mockingbird, tongue/you, toni morrison, trying...trying, unhinged passion, veela/butterflies, waiting 4 you, wank, worth it/me, x-men, you're.one.of.my.kind., zacharias smith, ♀♀, ♀♂, ♂♂


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